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Jenny Thomas of London, ON My name is Jenny Thomas Certified Clinical Herbal Practitioner and owner of Nature's Healthy Balance Inc. In order for a person to stay healthy and well the body should be in alkaline state, the Chi energy is flowing in a balanced state, the cells are functioning properly and fully charged, the body is able to absorb nutrients, eliminate toxins,  and produce oxygen in the cells enabling it to heal itself. I use the Total Energy Ionic Footbath Treatment at my clinic as a natural healing tool which helps cleanse all the body organ systems  internally, removing toxic deposits such as heavy metals, candida ,chemicals, environmental toxins. My clients have had fantastic results using the ionic footbath treatement  to improve oxygenation, reduce their fluid retention, reduce inflammation and pain, clear skin rashes, reduce allergies and headaches. The combination of  using the Total Energy Ionic Footbath Treatments,  my Customized Herbal Therapy Program and a healthy diet has allowed my clients to speed up their healing process towards optimal health. I would recommend for you to take charge of your own health and decide to try an Total  Energy Ionic Footbath at your nearest location today. P.S I have had clients who inform  me that the Total Energy Ionic Footbath Treatments remove a major increase of 50 percen more of toxic debris than other ionic treatments they have had with other machines.

Cindy C: Here are the words that I energetically have ease with expressing. “There is a lightness in my body. I have more energy, and a keener perception of wellness in being. My vision and seeing are sharper. There is a peace and joy in my body. Happy Body, Happy Being. I have received 10 sessions of the ionic foot bath since June 2012 and today November 6th, 2012; after my session this is what I was aware of in my body. How lucky am I to have found this wonderful help for my body?” Much gratitude.

JLH: I love my ion detox footbath from Total Energy. Four years ago (2008) I had cancerous bladder tumours removed, first a “huge” one & 3 months later 3 more small ones. After a year my specialist was surprised no more had shown up and asked what I was doing. When I told him and asked if he knew about Dr Rife’s codes he not only said “yes” but asked just which frequencies I was using. He also told me to “Keep it up – it’s working” The end of May 2012 was my follow up scope and everything is still clear!

LH: My problem was with my kidneys failing. According to the Nephrology Specialist I was within days of requiring dialysis for life (or possibly not making it at all). I followed doctor’s orders and things began to slowly improve. I decided for myself to do the ion detox footbath with Rife code 120 (nephritis) twice a week to help remove toxins from my body (without removing and cleaning my blood by dialysis), believing the principle that a clean clear body can do a better job of healing (as is the principle with dialysis). The Kidney Specialist asked what I was doing because my improvement was so remarkable. She knew nothing of ionic detoxing nor of Dr Rife and his frequency codes but told me to keep it up. My last visit showed everything in the normal range and showed NO PROTEIN markers.This is great news as it means my kidneys are functioning normally and processing everything as they should. Although she told me kidneys do not repair themselves and are the only organ that doesn’t…. she now says it looks as if mine are doing just that. I spent the first year plus doing the footbath and Rife twice a week. I’ve only been doing it once a week for the past year and a half, and I’m considering going to once every other week to see if I can continue in good health with a reduced maintenance schedule.

D.C. of Exeter ON After one treatment, I felt a big difference in my body. I had more energy. I had foot problems from standing and after one treatment it improved greatly. My senses in smell improved. I can smell different scents stronger. My sinuses have cleared and I am not as stuffed up as I was before. I recommend that everyone should try this treatment and make their opinion about this.

L.B. of Goderich ON For five years I suffered with chronic fatigue. I had to tailor my days to my energy levels, which meant very moderate activity and a minimum of two days a week with no demands. I recently tried the NRG ion cleanser and was astonished at what I saw in the water. Getting that toxic waste out of my body just had to be good for me! Sure enough after only 2 months of regular treatments I have regained my energy. I feel better than I have in probably ten years and my husband is amazed at the difference. Now, I go for a daily, brisk 45 min. walk and I still have energy for all my other activities.

K.D. of Goderich ON claims the treatments helped ease sore joints and is helping him recover from shoulder surgery. K.D. also is happy that one unexpected side effect is the loss of foot odor.

W.T. of Bayfield ON started taking the treatments out of curiosity and was surprised at the outcome. “I’ve been trying to cut back on the amount of coffee I drink, and after the fourth treatment my usual coffee tasted just terrible.” She says she feels better in general and will continue to go for maintenance once a month. She has stopped drinking coffee completely.

C.W. of P.E.I. I was struggling through a terrible flue when I had my treatment. The next day, it was significantly better. Almost gone! I definitly suggest a detoxifying treatment, that yields immediate visual and physical results.

P.I. of ON First treatment – sinus problem cleared after treatment also felt more energetic after treatment.

B.T. Goderich ON My name is Brenda and I have been doing treatments for 2 yrs. When I started I was on Paxil for panic attacks due to severe trauma among other things. I had been poisoned several times. I began to search out things that would help my whole being; My faith, vitamins, exercises for clearing the mind and relieving stress, detoxing to cleanse on a deep level. I was amazed how much these cleansing treatments helped and 2 years later it continues to help in the sustaining process. I believe one day to prove that using this machine once a month will prevent illness later in life because a person has taken the time to cleanse themselves. I also believe it helps those who are on antidepressants as it clears the harmful effects that they cause and allows them to work better. I would recommend this to everyone. I believe everyone would benefit from having a treatment done. We all need it as we all are in contact with toxins everyday. I also found that my sleep at night was much more restful and restoring.

K.H. Goderich ON My energy level has increased, The detoxification process has helped my metabolism maintain and rebalance itself. I have been able to loose weight and keep the weight off.

B.L. St Clements ON I was bothered with a yeast infection but after my treatment it disappeared. It has been one month and there has been no recurrence.

M.B. of Grimsby ON received a treatment as a gift. “I try to eat and maintain a healthy diet and take natural supplements, so I was very interested to see how the process worked.” She was delighted to see that there were only a small amount of toxin substances in the water, indicating that her diet and supplements are producing results.

M.T. of Goderich ON was given a treatment by a friend and was delighted by the results. M.T. found that not only did she feel re-energized from that treatment but also noticed a considerable loss of soreness in her knees and hips especially when climbing stairs. Subsequent treatments have continued to help keep the knees, hips, and back supple and gives a general feeling of well-being.

A.L. of Clinton ON I find the treatments leave me feeling “balanced” and energized.

S.S. of Mount Forest, ON I would like to thank you for introducing the ion cleansing to my Mom’s store. Once a week, sometimes twice a week I get a full cleansing. I can’t believe how much it helps. Ten years ago I was in a very bad riding accident. Most of the bones in my hips and pelvis area were crushed. The doctors fixed me up as best they could. For a little while I lived my life as if nothing ever happened. I went back to farm work and training horses. After a while I went to work as a framer in a friends construction business. Three years ago the heavy work caught up to me. Now I live every day with severe crippling pain in my hips and lower back. The doctors so far are unable to do anything other than prescribe a large number of medications. This gives me a small amount of relief, but I still can not work. On top of all that I now suffer from many different side effects of the medications. This is where the ion cleanser comes in. Sometimes it is like the medications build up in my body, and my body can’t take it any more. Then I become very ill for a number of days and can’t take the pain relief meds. Now as soon as I start to feel ill I have the cleansing and I feel great afterwards. I even feel more clearheaded and energized. The cleansing has even been helping to manage my headaches. I sleep much better now, sometimes I sleep through the whole night. I can’t thank you enough. I feel like there is hope now, that I can cope and live an almost normal life.

J.C. of Mount Forest, ON My name is J. Crawford and I have experienced the wonders of detoxification. I was feeling very tired all the time and I also had to do things when I was feeling up to it. My knees and ankles and feet were always aching along with my upper back. Thanks to being detoxed I feel great!

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