How it Works

The Gentle Cleanse Ionizer was designed to create an ionic field to detoxify and balance the overall energy in the body.

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    The Gentle Cleanse Ionizer creates energy by altering the electron and proton load in the water to create an electromagnetic environment in the water, which the client places their feet to experience the donation of appropriate ions. The donation of the appropriate ions increases the body’s life energy.

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    The energy channels within the human body known as meridians provide a pathway for energy to flow to or from a particular organ, such as the kidney or liver. These pathways begin in the feet or hands. One’s health is important because the amount of energy a person has and the balance of energy contributes to the ability of the body to work, problem solve and detoxify.

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    An ion is a charged atom or molecule that can be either positive or negative. These ions want to reverse their charge back to a stable position. The Ion then seeks out things of opposite polarity to cancel that charge. The Gentle Cleanse Ionizer uses this natural occurrence to remove the unwanted toxins and other harmful free radicals from within the body. In using the footbath as a vehicle to transmit this Ionic charge, the body naturally absorbs this energy force through the meridian points in the feet.

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    This energy force will then attract the opposite polarized items in order to cancel their charge and return to a stable position. This polarizing process has a similar effect as a computer attracting dust to the screen. The Gentle Cleanse Ionizer uses a protected power supply to alleviate the possibility of unwanted power spikes.

  • 18 minute
    Time Lapse

    This also ensures a safety factor as the maximum power output that this unit can produce is 24 volts DC.