Ion Foot Bath

"Here are the words that I energetically have ease with expressing. "There is a lightness in my body. I have more energy, and a keener perception of wellness in being. My vision and seeing are sharper. There is a peace and joy in my body. Happy Body, Happy Being. I have received 10 sessions of the ionic foot bath since June 2012 and today November 6th, 2012; after my session this is what I was aware of in my body. How lucky am I to have found this wonderful help for my body?" Much gratitude."

-Cindy C

"After one treatment, I felt a big difference in my body. I had more energy. I had foot problems from standing and after one treatment it improved greatly. My senses in smell improved. I can smell different scents stronger. My sinuses have cleared and I am not as stuffed up as I was before. I recommend that everyone should try this treatment and make their opinion about this."

-D.C. of Exeter ON

Detoxification Information

What is it? The Gentle Cleanse Ion Footbath is a simple process that removes cellular level toxins from the organs responsible for elimination: kidneys, colon, skin, liver and the lymphatic system.  It is a foot detoxification system that works for the entire body. Why detoxify? Toxins can disrupt the normal flow of the body, cause fatigue, aches and pains and depression – all of which lead to illness. Cleaning the body helps sustain its flow of life, increase energy and assists the immune system. Where do toxins come from? Toxins are absorbed through the water you drink, the food you eat and through the air you breathe. For example Aluminum Poisoning can be found in many common day products such as: anti-acids, cake mixes, frozen dough, tooth paste, antiperspirants, buffered aspirin, cans, pickling salts and anti-diarrhea products. Lead can be found in water pipes, tin cans, exhaust, tobacco smoke, some hair dyes, fungicides, and evaporated milk. What are the benefits of detoxifying? Detoxifying is one of the most important things you can do for optimal health, vibrant energy and toxic-free living. Anyone with multiple chemical sensitivities, autoimmune diseases, inflammation, arthritis, allergies and chronic pain may notice some relief from their symptoms. After a treatment a person can expect to feel lighter and have more energy. Metal Toxicities




Aluminum Poisoning

Anti-acid, Cake Mixes, Baking Powder, Frozen Dough, Tooth Paste, Rising Flour, Antiperspirants, Pickling Salts, Cans, Anti-Diarrhea Products, Foil, Buffered Aspirin, Drinking Water (May be added to Keep the cloudiness out of the water )

Alzheimer’s Disease

Dementia Senility Tumors Kidney Problems

Arsenic Poisoning

Household Pesticides, Insecticides, and Herbicides

Metallic Taste


Coffee, Tobacco, White Bread, Batteries, Paints

Cardio Vascular-diseases, Cancer


Paint, Porcelain Enamel, Water Pipes, Tin Cans, Rubber, Exhaust, Varnish, Tobacco Smoke, Some Hair dyes, certain plastics, Flint Glass, Fungicides, Evaporated Milk

Lack of Will Power, Tooth decay, Tumors, allergic Reactions, Bone Problems, Nervous Disorders, MS, High Blood Pressure, Tumors, Hyperactivity, Fatigue, Irritability


Amalgum, Some flu shots, Paints

Tumors, Leukemia, Suicidal Tendencies, Loss of Hearing and Memory, Parkinsons disease, Alzheimers disease, Anxiety, Depression