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I have chosen to answer questions in regard to the Ion Foot Bath in person by phone thereby continuing the personal relationship with my clients and creating new relationships. I have enjoyed past workshops and training however not everyone is able to attend a workshop due to distance. I enjoy talking one on one with my many clients and I trust this will satisfy their needs. So please feel free to call me at 519-441-8599 or 519-524-6412 and leave a message including your phone number and I will return your call. You can also email me at I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.


March 2015 Workshop in Benmiller Ontario

FINDING TRUE HAPPINESS WORKSHOP, hosted by Marlene Scotchmer of Total Energy. Henri McKinnon of BC a gifted workshop Leader and a warm Insightful Teacher, dedicated to helping others awaken to their highest potential of love, happiness and success. More information about Henri and Insight Counselling and Training can be found at A truly amazing experience, come join us for the weekend of March 26,27,28, and 29th at the Benmiller Inn just outside of Goderich, Ontario.

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Interview with Michael Freiesleben, BSc Biology , University of Waterloo

"Here are the words that I energetically have ease with expressing. "There is a lightness in my body. I have more energy, and a keener perception of wellness in being. My vision and seeing are sharper. There is a peace and joy in my body. Happy Body, Happy Being. I have received 10 sessions of the ionic foot bath since June 2012 and today November 6th, 2012; after my session this is what I was aware of in my body. How lucky am I to have found this wonderful help for my body?" Much gratitude."

-Cindy C

"After one treatment, I felt a big difference in my body. I had more energy. I had foot problems from standing and after one treatment it improved greatly. My senses in smell improved. I can smell different scents stronger. My sinuses have cleared and I am not as stuffed up as I was before. I recommend that everyone should try this treatment and make their opinion about this."

-D.C. of Exeter ON

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